CashOx Company Roadmap

Our journey towards achieving corporate excellence.

The success of CashOx lies in its goal-oriented and hardworking team, which takes calculated approaches to make collective decisions and utilizes the available resources conscientiously to amplify our investors’ investments. Here’s a short glimpse of our success journey.

Quarter Title Description
Q4, 2017 Developing Our Operational Model We designed a growth-oriented business model and determined its principles. We soon started earning profits and devised a stabilization fund through a significant amount of liquidity.
Q2, 2018 Progressing Towards Developmental Activities We started investing in the forex market to get a higher ratio of returns and kept diversifying our portfolio. Experienced team members helped us achieve an upsurge in transaction volumes.
Q4, 2018 Shifting from Forex to Crypto Critical assessment of the forex and crypto markets showed the latter offers more lucrative prospects and higher profit, hence, we shifted our focus to the crypto market and entered a new developmental period.
Q1, 2019 Building Our Portfolio Rapid acceleration in the cryptocurrency prices helped us generate both short-term and long-term profits that positively affected our operating portfolio and allowed us to expand our team and business facilities.
Q3, 2019 Discovering New Directions in the Crypto Market Invisible drops and enduring conditions of the cryptocurrency market influenced us to move across the ICOs and IEOs.
Q1, 2020 Enhancing Business with New Connections We built cohesive business connections to strengthen our market position that facilitated our access to financing and allowed us to obtain insider information related to the market.
Q2, 2020 Company Registration The CashOx LLC was registered in the State of Wyoming as a digital asset investment company.
Q2, 2022 Deploying Our Investment Platform We intended to shift our focus towards managing third-party investments and developed a user-friendly website to help investors manage their funds.
Q2, 2022 Integrating New Investment and Payment Methods New investment options will be added after detailed market research to make optimal profits and enhance the UX of our platform.
Q2, 2022 Marketing Campaigns Appropriate marketing campaigns will be started highlighting expected outlooks and featuring discussions on similar topics.
Q3, 2022 Social Media Presence We will initiate targeted digital marketing campaigns across all major social media platforms and networks to build our brand image and garner worldwide investors.
Q3, 2022 Chinese Version of Website To attract worldwide investors, we look forward to designing a Chinese version of our website for our Chinese investors.
Q3, 2022 YouTube Channel Launch An official YouTube channel will be launched to publish information-rich content and keep investors updated about market trends.
Q4, 2022 Regional Collaborations We are looking forward to collaborating with regional representatives and partners to achieve long-term sustainable growth.
Q1, 2022 Spanish Version of Website We will develop a Spanish website to encourage our Spanish-speaking clients and partners to invest in CashOx.
Q2, 2023 Targeting New Markets We will launch our website across new markets and global regions to increase our investment pool.
Q3, 2023 CashOx Mobile App To give our investors easy access to our platform, we will launch our mobile app for authorizing quick investments.
Q1, 2024 Future Development We will propagate into new developmental phases to provide better practical cases and achieve enhanced usability.